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'I thought it was expensive?'

An oft heard phrase in the videoconferencing industryIn today’s business world, holding meetings via video link is becoming more and more widespread as businesses warm up to the benefits of videoconferencing.

However, the videoconferencing industry has taken a battering in past few years over the many misconceptions about videoconferencing technologies and the companies who deploy them. When it comes to discussing videoconferencing, an oft-heard phrase is “I thought it was expensive!” If you’ve ever uttered these words yourself, perhaps you might benefit from reviewing the current costs of new videoconferencing technologies.

In the not-so-distant past, group videoconferencing cost upwards of a whopping $100,000, but things have changed since then. And as videoconferencing technology further develops and becomes an indispensable business resource, its cost will only continue to decrease. This is due to significant developments in videoconferencing technology, increased market demand, and product competitiveness.

Computer Team now offers world leading videoconferencing products that are not only affordable, but also more feature-rich and mature than their predecessors. Our highly collaborative desktop conferencing products can start from as little as $1500 per site or from $8000 for a team/group conferencing system.

At the end of the day, videoconferencing is a great investment for your business, and one which will definitely pay off in the long run. The benefits really do speak for themselves.

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The LifeSize® LGExecutive, just like other LifeSize® technology, delivers high quality HD video over low bandwidths. The LifeSize® LGExecutive is priced so that businesses of all sizes can afford it, making this technology as mainstream as owning cell phones. Businesses of all sizes can connect with one another face to face without having to purchase video conferencing equipment that is so expensive.

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There are a number of simple and practical answers to this question. Registration is completely free. There are no hidden fees to be a part of our network.

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