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At Computer Team, we understand the importance of top quality video conferencing. Computer Team strives to offer only the best video conferencing technology to clients. The latest that we offer is the LifeSize® LGExecutive. The LifeSize® LGExecutive combined with an LG monitor has facilitated top quality video conferencing and has made it one hundred percent accessible for workers in all settings, whether these workers are at the office or working remotely. The LifeSize® LGExecutive combined with the LG monitor creates one of the smartest and most innovative video conferencing solutions.

The LifeSize® LGExecutive, just like other LifeSize® technology, delivers high quality HD video over low bandwidths. The LifeSize® LGExecutive is priced so that businesses of all sizes can afford it, making this technology as mainstream as owning cell phones. Businesses of all sizes can connect with one another face to face without having to purchase video conferencing equipment that is so expensive that it will break the bank.

Another outstanding benefit to using the LifeSize® LGExecutive is that you are not required to replace any existing video conferencing equipment or IP/PBX installations. This system can be installed over what you already have, and it will work nicely.

The LifeSize® LGExecutive includes a high quality display, a microphone that comes with a sleek LG 24, a LifeSize video endpoint, and a state-of-the-art camera. The LifeSize® LGExecutive is designed to work with environments of all kinds, whether they are large or small, and this system enables you to get the message across to others with ease.

Computer Team realizes that time is money and that time to any professional is precious. Offering systems, like the LifeSize® LGExecutive, will enable you to streamline daily work activities to others while continuing to work at the desk, this system runs in the background with no disruption to any aspect of your work day. With just a very simple button push, the LifeSize® LGExecutive will enable you to get an important message to or have a meeting with anyone you desire without missing out on business.