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PC based video surveillance software designed to process video, audio and data from local or remote network. Up to 64 cameras can be monitored on a local monitor screen or through a TCP/IP network. It also provides a hybrid solution for IP surveillance, which can integrate IP cameras with existing analogue cameras.


  • Instant video play back 10sec,30sec,1min,3min,5min,8min.
  • Motion recording, Sensor recording, Time recording functions.
  • Watermark, Watchdog, POS, ACSI, Event report, Log and many more.


PC based surveillance software designed to process video, audio and data from local or remote networks. It is basically a closed circuit television (also known as CCTV), based on a high performance software with a H.264 hardware digital video compression.

Up to 64 cameras can be connected and view live on a local monitor screen or through TCP/IP network. You can also view playbacks of recorded video, audio or data. The surveillance software also allows you to pre-establish recording schedules, and videos will then be recorded according to those schedules.

Surveillance software provides a hybrid solution for IP surveillance. This solution implies that in the CCTV you can use IP cameras and existing analog cameras together. The powerful networking capability enables video and audio data to be transferred over the Internet to a NVR Client, a NVMP system .

surveillance software img

Keypoints in the features of the survaillence software system

Access Control System Control (ACSI): By connecting the DG01 DVR with the Access Control System, the DG01 DVR surveillance software can combine video surveillance and identity surveillance together. (more details can be found in the ACSI Feature section)

POS-DVR: The surveillance software alows the bringing of transaction data and video together to establish a POS-DVR surveillance system. It provides visual text information to prevent any losses. It supports both direct COM and TCP/IP connections or COM to TCP/IP. (more details can be found in the POS Feature section)

IP Camera: The survaillence software uses digital technology to keep the image at a steady quality. This is done by avoiding the transformation between the analog and the digital signal during transport. An IP Camera can be added into the DVR Server through networks, thus establishing a Hybrid DVR Server.

DVD/CD Burning: The DVR server surveillance software help you burn a DVD/CD directly, and up to 4.3 G of space is available. You do not need to use any other specific burning software.

Multi-Playback: the DVR server surveillance software can play back several channels at one time and up to 64 channels are available.

Multilevel User Management: Password expiration management provides better security practices in the surveillance system. System administrators can set expiration dates or disable a user's account. Features also include password editing, account editing and more.

Alarm: When alarms go off, an electronic map will appear automatically and the sensors and cameras that triggered the alarms will be marked. The surveillance software also permits users to set different sounds for different alarms. You can also enable a setting through which when an alarm goes off the system sends an email to the user's mailbox with a picture of the alarm-related camera capture, as an attachment .

Network Transmit: The properties of this CCTV software allows users to set the maximum number of videos that can be connected from the client. The number can be set according to the network bandwidth.

USB mobile storage: the DVR Server can check the USB storage device dynamically and users can hot-plugging a USB device.

Video Display

  • The surveillance software supports up to 64 channels with video & audio input and each channel can be compressed independently in 25F/S(PAL) or 30F/S(NTSC), total max 1920 fps record and display in a PC system.
  • It provides high resolution and a very soft image.Also, the CCTV software allows no shake in dynamic images but permits the adjustment of brightness, contrast, saturation and hue of images.
  • The surveillance software permits the viewing of single images or of a several image show. There is a split auto switch and lagging time is less than 0.1 seconds in real-time showing.
  • The surveillance software show the status of each channel. eg. Normal record, Sensor record, motion record or only monitoring; it also shows information about the HDD.
  • The surveillance software permits the overlaping of camera name on the image. You can also see OSD &LOGO (optional) freely.
  • Video and audio can be received and stored at the same time. The video data and audio data will be packed the same package. Beacuse of this feauture of the surveillance software, there is no distortion when the data is being played back.

Recording and Storing

  • Adopts the most advanced H.264 compression technology, the data of recording is 0.5 k/f at the least.Also, the surveillance software supports not only variable bit rate but also variable frame rate.
  • Every channel in this closed circuit television can be set with a recording mode, such as: consecutive recording, motion recording, sensor recording etc. or recording by schedule.
  • The surveillance software permits cameras to start recording and link up with one or several other cameras to record together when there are alarms. Also, an alarm can be sent over a long distance. A sensor can be linked with one or several cameras, which start recording when an alarm is trigered.
  • The quality of every image when recording can be adjusted freely and the surveillance system can overlap watermark of character and date.
  • The surveillance softyware supports multi-hard disk circular recording, so you don’t need to change the disk by hand.


  • Playback and record can run at the same time without mutual effect . The surveillance system can precisely index record data by time or affair. The record data information is very clear by figure.
  • The surveillance software can playback in single partition or multi-partition and the pace of play back is full real-time(25f/s).
  • The surveillance software has several playing back paces: play back normally, single frame, quickly (2-5 time), slowly ( 1/2-1/5), freezing images and skipping to the set time. It can also capture an image or local enlarge an image when performing a playback.
  • The surveillance software supports the playback of video images on the local end and the remote network terminal at the same time.It also supports the playback in part zoom real time.

Control function

  • The surveillance software supports multi-lens control in every position, which can be controlled by hand or automatically.It supports focus of electric zooming lens, light loop and zooming control. It also supports some auxiliary controls, such as light, windshield, etc.
  • The surveillance software also permits the control of the speed dome camera and the setting up of the speed dome camera's previous location by hand and alarm linkage previous location. The pace of writhing speed dome camera can be adjusted. It also supports control alarm output by hand or alarm linkage output.

Alarm function

  • The surveillance software has 16 channels of sensor alarm input and output. A special alarm decoder is optional. It can connect several alarm detectors as alarm input facilities, such as infrared ray, smoke receptors, etc.This closed circuit television software also has the function of alarm linkage recording. It can start up recording with relative cameras and alarm facilities like alarms going off when the detector is touched.
  • The surveillance software also supports one or more sensor connections to one or more speed domes. When the sensor is touched , the speed dome shifts the monitoring angle to the one previously set up and records, the alarm going off.The surveillance software has the alarm function of motion detection and video loss and it supports search log by alarm.

Network function

  • It supports link ups to the network with PSTN ISDN ADSL DDN LAN Internet etc. It adopts advanced network compression format and adapts to bandwidth and sets the resource automatically. the quality of images is good and the time lag of network is shortened.
  • It supports one or several client visit per one server and one or several client visit per several servers.The CCTV software permits for the respective control end to have all the functions of the local server, including monitor image in long-distance, remote search record data, receiving remote alarm and setting up the system parameter.
  • The client end has the storing function of local recording and play back function of multi-images.The server operator can create a user for a client and different users can have different rights. This helps strengthen the security of the surveillance software.

Authority management and system protection

  • Locks keyboard and mouse preventing unauthorized access to the system of the closed circuit television.
    This surveilance software is widely used in bank, telecommunication, transportation, factories, warehouse, irrigation, and so forth.

The Access Control System Integration (ACSI) feature of the DG01 DVR system is a professional surveillance solution integrated with the Access Control System. By connecting the DG01 DVR with the Access Control System, the DigiVision DVR surveillance software can combine video surveillance and identity surveillance together.


Identity information Overlay with Video: This surveillance software feature helps to display/hide identity information on the video image, like visitor name, ID number, department, photo, age etc..

Real-time Identity information Monitor: Through this trait the CCTV system monitors all visitors’ identity information in real-time. In addition, the system will store all information data in Microsoft Access format for retroactive analysis.

Instant Playback: It can play back related video clips of one identity information item instantly. When a user monitors real-time identity information, he can select an identity information item and double-click it to play back related video clips instantly.

Identity information search and playback: Users can search and playback all identity information record, identity information text and related video clip included. The surveillance software gives the user to define several search conditions, such as date, camera number and user name as well as beginning time and end time.

The DG01 POS-DVR surveillance system is a professional surveillance solution integrated with a POS system. The surveillance software alows the bringing of transaction data and video together to establish a POS-DVR surveillance system. It provides visual text information to prevent any losses. It supports both direct COM and TCP/IP connections or COM to TCP/IP.


POS Text Overlay with Video: The surveillance system helps to display/hide transaction text messages on the screen (video files) to supervise every transaction in real-time; customize text preset positions and font.

Quick Search: A user can perform a single video search and playback with transaction data.

Text Events Search: Users can use pre-defined transaction criteria to search in a field filter displaying the results in a newly created System Log, e.g. all the transactions containing the keyword "coke" will be screened out. Also you can press the text to preview corresponding video image.

Events Monitor: The surveillance software will also store all transaction data in Microsoft Access format for retroactive analysis.


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