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The Cost of Meetings

How much does business travel cost your organisation each year?While face-to-face meetings can be an important part of business, you don’t always need to travel.

To calculate the annual cost of travel for an organisation, consider the cost of flights, taxis, time spent travelling, hotel costs and the amount of time you spend away from the office. However, travel is more than just expensive – time is also a factor. For example, consider three staff attending six interstate meetings per year between Melbourne and Perth:

• $14,600 and 144 hours on flights
• $1260 and 36 hours spent in taxis
• $1800 in sundry expenses
• $2160 on hotel accommodation

Therefore, you lose at least 36 days per year travelling to and from meetings, as well as 18 working days per year commuting in planes and taxis (wasted). In the above example, the total cost of travel is a sobering $19,820.

As you’ve probably realised, meetings are expensive and time consuming. If you travel interstate, between cities or even within your city, you are wasting a high percentage of your working time just sitting inside a vehicle.

The alternative

Traditional face-to-face meetings can be complemented and often replaced with high quality Video Conferencing. Consider the following benefits:

• Conduct meetings as and when needed; no bookings fee
• Manage interstate business opportunities without needing to be there physically
• Meetings cost from $99 per half hour (Melbourne – Brisbane)
• Interviews, meetings, reviews, discussions, collaboration – no travel
• More staff actively participating in meetings – no added cost, no wasted time
• More documentation distributed; more collaboration, more cooperation
• Opportunistic meetings are a reality for busy staff who are remotely located
• Staff absent from meetings are able to review recorded conferences
• Meetings and conferences are recorded on DVD – say goodbye to inaccurate minutes

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