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Video Conferencing is Green

Go green with Video Conferencing and make a differenceIn today’s advanced technological age, issues such as global warming and pollution become more and more contentious, and businesses face a mounting pressure to reduce their impact on Mother Earth. This pressure has resulted in a push for “green technology” – technology which is good for the environment as well as for business.

The “green” benefits of video conferencing speak for themselves. By cutting out travel time in cars, trains and planes (unless you are travelling in solar-powered hybrid cars, of course), you essentially accomplish a number goals at once – reducing the carbon dioxide emissions caused by travel, using up less fossil fuels, and ultimately improving work/life balance of you and your staff.

Video conferencing is the first step to helping your business to reduce its carbon footprint. It is a superb, real-time communications solution that literally doesn’t cost the Earth – latest advances in video conferencing technologies have made these solutions less pricy and more reliable. So go green today and benefit the environment as well as your business – it’s easy.

Video Conferencing News

The LifeSize® LGExecutive, just like other LifeSize® technology, delivers high quality HD video over low bandwidths. The LifeSize® LGExecutive is priced so that businesses of all sizes can afford it, making this technology as mainstream as owning cell phones. Businesses of all sizes can connect with one another face to face without having to purchase video conferencing equipment that is so expensive.

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