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Who uses videoconferencing?

Videoconferencing are true in all industries todayWhilst many of the previously discussed benefits of videoconferencing are true in all industries,
specific industries have clearly defined applications for the use of video communication tools.

The Health industry uses videoconferencing to enable remote consultations with specialists where it would be impossible or expensive to travel. High quality clinical videoconferencing solutions, combined with health-specific peripherals, allow for doctors to interview and consult with patients in remote locations. Medical documentation such as X-Rays, ECG’s and monitors are displayed and shared on-screen in real-time. Activities performed via videoconferencing in the health industry today include:

• Remote Consultations - Psychiatric, Pediatric
• Rehabilitation
• Training of medical staff

The Australian Justice system is a keen and well established user of videoconferencing tools. Many departments have already installed videoconferencing equipment:

• Witnesses attend courts remotely
• Inmates attend court remotely with reduced cost and security risks during transport
• Inmates receive legal council and representation with reduced cost and risk of transport
• International Expertise is available in courts
• Vulnerable witness program

Corporate and Government
Video tools are used by many corporate and government organizations. Most commonly with
businesses possessing more than 1 branch or where regular communication is required between regular partners and customers.

The new suppliers of IP networks are often fortunate enough to have high bandwidth IP links
between their major offices. These organizations may deploy high quality IP conferencing systems
and service infrastructure to provide services to their own installed base of clients. Whilst
these clients are often retail customers, the ability to videoconference across DSL and
broadband internet connections is becoming a reality. In largely a service based industry,
telecommunications companies are developing strategies to supply video services to
broadband internet sites.

Australian Education uses desktop conferencing solutions to enable classes of students to
receive tuition in subjects which would otherwise not be available. Streaming technologies
enable even wider delivery of content to larger numbers of students whilst retaining interactivity.
An additional benefit is the ability for teachers to meet with counterparts in remote locations for
training and collaboration on projects. Tutorials and classes can also be videorecorded so that
students absent from classes may still benefit from the instruction

Recruitment organisations have embraced videoconferencing tools in recent years. Distributed
organizations can now manage relationships with clients in different cities, interview prospects
interstate or overseas and advertise in areas where previously clients and prospects could
only be contacted by travel. Videoconferencing increases the reach of these businesses and
allows wider prospecting.

The Advertising industry is one of the fortunate organizations which benefits for the full range of
capabilities created through video communication.

Like many other business, advertising agencies use video communication for inter-office communication, meetings and discussions. However this industry also benefits through on-line data collaboration, client meetings, reviews and creative proofing via video.


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